How we work

Once clients have selected the appropriate options in preparation for the FidesIQ service, we set up evaluation measures through a process of understanding, clarifying and where necessary adjusting the clients’ objectives and measures.

We then deliver regular, clear reports showing investment outcomes compared to original objectives. We also offer in-person presentations to explain the report conclusions.


Initial discussions

Explore FidesIQ features and benefits by client

Client commitment

Select options and commitment to future service by client

Set up

Consulting engagement

Understand strategic investment decisions and context in depth

Consulting engagement

Clarify objectives to ensure they reflect the original decision

Consulting engagement

Adjust benchmarks to be appropriate for the original objective

Data process

Data processing

Input data relating to the scheme, key strategic decisions and objectives

Data processing

Source actual performance outcomes for each decision

Data processing

Calculate comparison of outcome to objectives each month


Regular reporting

Report regularly online on how outcomes compare to objectives

Client presentation

Explain FidesIQ data and insights in-person at client board meetings