FidesIQ offers tangible benefits that improve the governance of investment decision making. It does this by: contributing to a sustainable decision-making process; helping meet requirements on advisor objective setting; inspiring a high quality dialogue; ensuring focus on strategic goals; prompting clear documentation; enabling stakeholder buy-in; and by giving access to a governance solution that is currently used only by larger schemes.

Robust repeatable process

Provides platform for robust repeatable strategic decision making process

Improves likelihood of meeting overall portfolio goals

Advice assessment

Quantitative measurement of outcomes achieved from strategic advice

Supports CMA requirement to set and measure objectives for investment consultants

High quality dialogue

Informs high quality dialogue between advisers and fiduciaries

Inspires timely action where necessary to alter or replace investments

Focus on strategic goals

Helps maintain a dispassionate focus on strategy

Focus maintained on decisions which make the most difference to scheme outcomes

Clear documentation

Prompts creation of a clear record of objectives for each strategic investment decision

Prevents unnecessary investment turnover on change of key personnel

Stakeholder buy-in

Enables sharing of strategic decisions, objectives and outcomes in a jargon free and easily accessible format

Offers reassurance to clients with objectivity and lack of conflict